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Event Details

Key Details


Wednesday 4 December 2019 


Events @ No 6
6 Alie St London
E1 8QT


£175 - Members
£110 - Trainee Members
£330 - Non-members
£87.50 - Retired Members

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Important information about the venue

Due to severe flooding at 21 Portland Place, this seminar has been relocated to Events @ No 6, 6 Alie St London E1 8QT.

About this seminar

We are all aware of increasing numbers of elderly patients in our hospitals with multiple comorbidities and age related issues, who require surgical and anaesthetic intervention, and will probably benefit from pre optimisation or Ortho-geriatricians intervention.This is a new meeting that includes many speakers that are at the forefront of research and developments in this field. Aimed at both the general and specialist anaesthetist and preoperative physician caring for these patients.