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About this course

There is increasing interest in expanding the uses of ultrasound beyond the heart. This includes lungs, vessels, gastric US, and use of ultrasound in peri-arrest or arrest situations. Collectively the cardiac and non-cardiac uses of basic ultrasound can be called Perioperative ultrasound

The Perioperative Ultrasound course has been designed to provide a good understanding of these areas.

10 Tutorials

  • Lung ultrasound diagnosis (includes diaphragm)
  • Ultrasound-guided thoracic procedures (includes other airway)
  • Ultrasound guided vascular access techniques
  • Peripheral veins and arteries of the upper limb
  • Internal jugular and axillary vein cannulation
  • Femoral artery and venous cannulation
  • Deep vein thrombosis assessment
  • Basic abdominal ultrasound examination (including AAA and bladder)
  • Ultrasound approach for Peri-arrest
  • Gastric ultrasound
Case Studies
  • 30 Case Studies
Completion Certificate
  • Issued upon finalising all required components