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Prof Sarah Harper, Founding Director, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Sarah is Professor of Gerontology at the University of Oxford, a Fellow at University College, and the Founding Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. Sarah served on the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology, which advises the Prime Minister on the scientific evidence for strategic policies and frameworks. In 2017 she served as the Director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Sarah is a Director and Trustee of the UK Research Integrity Office and a member of the Board of Health Data Research UK. Sarah was appointed a CBE in 2018 for services to Demography.

Dr Steve Yentis, Consultant Anaesthetist, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Qualified and trained in London, apart from one year in Toronto doing paediatric anaesthesia. Consultant Anaesthetist at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, since 1995, and Hon. Reader at Imperial College. Editor of Anaesthesia 1999-2008 and Editor-in-Chief 2009-2015. Council member of the Association of Anaesthetists 2007-2017, Vice-President and Education Lead 2015-2017. Feathersone Professor, Association of Anaesthetists, 2014-16

Prof Jim Bagian, Founding Director, Centre for Healthcare Engineering, USA

Dr James P Bagian has extensive experience in the fields of human factors, aviation, and patient safety. Dr Bagian is the founding Director of the Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety and is a Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan.Previously he served as the first and founding director of the Veterans Administration’s (VA) National Center for Patient Safety and as the VA’s first Chief Patient Safety Officer where he developed numerous patient safety related tools and programs that have been adopted nationally and internationally. A NASA astronaut for over 15 years, he is a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions including as the lead mission specialist for the first dedicated Life Sciences Spacelab mission. Following the 1986 Challenger space-shuttle explosion he dove and supervised the capsule's recovery from the ocean floor and was one of the leaders of the development of the Space Shuttle Escape System. He also served as the Chief Flight Surgeon and Medical Consultant for the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation Board. He was elected to two terms as the Chair of the Joint Commission’s Patient Safety Advisory Group, was the founding Co-chair of the ACGME Clinical Learning Environment Review Committee, a board member of the National Patient Safety Foundation, and a member of NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel. He is a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association, an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Medicine.


  • Dr Nivedita Aedla, Edinburgh
  • Dr Craig Bailey, Chair, Safety Committee, Association of Anaesthetists
  • Dr Rosaleen Baruah, Edinburgh
  • Dr Malcolm Booth, Glasgow
  • Dr Malcolm Broom, Glasgow
  • Dr Jane Burns, Lanarkshire
  • Dr Seema Charters, Warrington
  • Dr Nick Chrimes, Melbourne, Australia
  • Dr Paul Clyburn, Cardiff
  • Dr Kariem El-Boghdadly, London
  • Dr Bjørn Erik Neerland, Oslo, Norway
  • Prof William Fawcett, Education Chair, Association of Anaesthetists
  • Dr Nick Fletcher, London
  • Dr Irwin Foo, Edinburgh
  • Prof Lui Forni, Guildford
  • Dr James French, Nottingham
  • Dr Jo Gander, Director of Clinical and Product Assurance (CaPA) team
  • Prof Paul Greenhaff, Nottingham
  • Prof Mike Grocott, Southampton
  • Dr David Hall, Edinburgh
  • Dr Thomas James, SAS Committee Chair, Association of Anaesthetists
  • Dr Justin Kirk-Bayley, Guildford  
  • Dr Anton Krige, Blackburn
  • Dr Cathy Lawson, Newcastle upon Tyne  
  • Dr Fiona Lecky, Sheffield 
  • Dr Guillermo Martinez, Cambridge
  • Dr Alan Mathers, Glasgow
  • Dr Barry McGuire, Dundee
  • Dr Neil McGuire, London
  • Dr Gary Mills, Sheffield
  • Prof Iain Moppett, Nottingham
  • Dr Ed Nandasoma, London
  • Dr Emma Plunkett, Birmingham
  • Mr Mark Potter, Edinburgh 
  • Dr Tara Quasim, Glasgow
  • Ms Wendy Rayner,  Edinburgh 
  • Dr Nancy Redfern, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Dr Alan Robertson, Dundee
  • Dr Grant Rodney, Dundee 
  • Ms Sonia Rochnik, Cambridge 
  • Dr Paul Scott, Warrington
  • Dr Benjamin Shelley, Glasgow
  • Dr Cliff Shelton, Lancaster 
  • Dr Samantha Shinde, Vice President, Association of Anaesthetists
  • Dr Norma Shippin, Director of CLO and Legal Advisor, NHS National Services
  • Dr Paul Slater, Northampton 
  • Prof Andy Smith, Lancaster
  • Dr Malcolm Smith, London
  • Dr Neil Spenceley, Glasgow 
  • Dr Linda Stewart, Glasgow 
  • Dr Anne Wooldridge, Sheffield
  • Dr David Yates, Middlesborough 
  • Dr Peter Young, King's Lynn