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Scientific programme 2024

Day 1 - Wednesday 25 September 2024


Registration, ground floor foyer (entrance 1) and industry exhibition, Studio One


Stream A - Auditorium

W1a: Welcome, keynote and prizes.
Chair: Dr Matthew Davies, President, Association of Anaesthetists

(09:45-10:00) Welcome, Dr Matthew Davies, President, Association of Anaesthetists, Stamford

(10:00-10:45) Keynote lecture: How to make change happen and start a hand transplant service.

(10:00-10:30) Prof Simon Kay, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Leeds (credited with the UK’s first hand transplant operation)

(10:45-10:55) Award presentations


Stream A - Auditorium

Stream B - Hall D

Stream C - King's Suite

Stream D - In-exhibition learning, Studio One

W2a: Case Based Discussion: Patients whose airway may be difficult - what would you do?
Chair: Dr Imran Ahmed

W2b: Chronic Pain
Chair: Dr Helen Laycock, Editor, Anaesthesia

W2c: Peri-operative transfusion
Chair: Dr Craig Carroll, Elected Member, Association of Anaesthetists

Panel discussion 

(11:05-12:35) Dr Imran Ahmad, London

(11:05-12:35) Prof Kariem El-Boghdadly, London

(11:05-12:35) Prof Ed Mariano, Stanford

(11:05-12:35) Dr Emilie Hoogenboom, London

(11:05-11:25) New guidelines for pharmacological and neuromodulation management of neuropathic pain, Dr Nadia Soliman, London

(11:25-11:45) Spinal neuromodulation interventions, Dr Ashish Gulve, Middlesbrough

(11:45-12:05) Analgesic misuse in chronic pain, Dr Harry Hebert, Dundee

(12:05-12:35) Discussion

Session sponsored by Medtronic


(11:05-11:25) Pre-optimisation of anaemia - should we still be doing this? Mr Austin Acheson, Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon, Nottingham

(11:25-11:50) Sickle cell - minimising operative risk, Dr Shivan Pancham, Consultant Haematologist, Birmingham

(11:50-12:15) Who needs "special red cells"? Dr Andrew Charlton, Consultant Haematologist, Newcastle

(12:15-12:35) Discussion


Lunch, industry exhibition and ePosters, Studio One


Stream A - Auditorium 

Stream B - Hall D 

Stream C - King's Suite

Stream D - Studio One

W3a: Environment
Chair: Dr Kenneth Barker

W3b: Education in airway management, co-badged with the Difficult Airway Society (DAS)
Chair: Dr Kariem El-Boghdadly, London

W3c: Day surgery

In-exhibition learning

(13:50-14:05) Realistic Medicine principles of personalised care and expectations, Dr Rebecca Barker, Nottingham

(14:05-14:20) Precautionary principle of environmental action, Dr Paul McConnell, Chair, European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

(14:20-14:35) World water scarcity, pollution with microplastics and pharmaceuticals, and treatment options, Dr Stephanie Terreni Brown, Researcher, PureWater International

(14:35-14:50) Designing the future hospital, Ms Maria Gaden, Leader, Centre for Sustainable Hospitals, Denmark

(14:50-15:20) Discussion

(13:50-14:10) Ethics of airway training, Dr Barry McGuire, Dundee

(14:10-14:30) What's new in airway training and education? Dr Emilie Hoogenboom, London

(14:30-14:50) National airway training, Dr Sandeep Sudan, Sussex

(14:50-15:20) Discussion

(13:50-14:10) Are safety standards of age, weight and ASA status still valid in 2024? Dr Rachel Tibble, Derby

(14:10-14:30) Can we do more cases in the Day Surgical Unit? Mr David Bunting, Devon 

(14:30-14:50) Day-case joint replacement, Prof Ed Mariano, Stanford

(14:50-15:20) Discussion

Learning theatre: Oral presentations - Audit, QI & survey oral presentations


Refreshment break, industry exhibition & ePosters, Studio One


Stream A - Auditorium

Stream B - Hall D

Stream C - King's Suite

Stream D - Studio One

W4a: HIT or no HIT - are high-intensity theatre lists the answer to reducing the backlog? 
Chair: Dr Andy Klein, Vice President, Association of Anaesthetists

W4b: Perioperative Anaphylaxis: causes, mimics, and teicoplanin
Chair: Dr Louise Savic, Harrogate

W4c: Are virtual wards the answer to hospital overcrowding? 
Chair: Dr Andy Smith, Lancaster

In-exhibition learning

(16:00-16:20) - Our HIT list journey, Dr Imran Ahmad, London

(16:20-16:40) The surgeon's view (to include the Sceptic's view), Miss Pari Mohanna, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, London and Miss Maleeha Mughal, Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, London

(16:40-17:00) The manager's view, Mr James Oakley, General Manager, Guy's and St Thomas', London

(17:00-17:30) Discussion

(16:00-16:20) If it's not allergy, what is it? Dr Sarah Johnston, Consultant Immunologist, Bristol

(16:20-16:40) Emerging and unusual allergens - what to look out for, Dr Linda Nel, Southampton 

(16:40-17:05) Teicoplanin - friend or foe? Dr Will Bermingham, Consultant Immunologist, Nottingham and Dr Nikhil Premchand, Consultant Physician, Northumbria

(17:05-17:30) Discussion

(16:00- 16:10) Why virtual wards have to work, Carl Mayers, Assistant Director, Head of the Improvement Analytics Unit, The Health Foundation

(16:10-16:20) Are virtual wards the answer to hospital overcrowding? Dr Iain Goodhart, Cambridge 

(16:20-16:30) Virtual wards are not all they are cracked up to be, Dr Clare Bannon, GP and Policy Lead Clinical and Interface General Practitioners Committee, England

Session sponsored by Masimo

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Learning theatre: Industry Showcase - check out the latest on what industry have to offer. 

To include a guest lecture from Luella Trickett, Executive Director, Medical Services, Value & access, Association of British HealthTech Industries


Workshops (pre-booked only) - Queen's Suite

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Drinks reception and networking (complimentary to attendees) - Studio One

Day 2 - Thursday 26 September 2024


Registration, ground floor foyer (Entrance 1) and  industry exhibition, Studio One, 1st floor


Trainee and SAS networking breakfast, Queen's Suite 3

Stream A, Auditorium



Developing a Leadership Network for Women and Addressing Sexual Safety in the Workplace
Dr Jacqueline Andrews, Medical Director and Executive Lead for digital, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust


Stream A - Auditorium

Stream B - Hall D

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Stream C (Trainee stream) -  King's Suite

Trainee stream sponsored by:

Stream D - Studio One

T1a Cardiothoracics and cardiology co-badged with the Association for Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care (ACTACC)
Chair: Dr Mike Charlesworth, Editor, Anaesthesia, Stockport

T1b: Education through Escape Rooms
Chair: Dr Louise Flynn, Leeds

T1c: Debate: Restructuring the curriculum
Chair: Dr Stuart Edwardson, Edinburgh

In-exhibition learning

(09:30-09:45) Hypertension, Dr Alex Wickham, London

(09:45-10:00) Valve repair and replacement - are transcatheter options here to stay? Mr Max Baghai, London

(10:00-10-15) Aortic stenosis - who can I anaesthetise and how? Dr Georgina Flood, Dublin

Session sponsored by Teleflex

A beautiful sunset

Dr Louise Flynn, Leeds

(09:30-09:35) The Association Perspective, Dr Stuart Edwardson, Trainee Committee Chair, Association of Anaesthetists

(09:35-09:40) The Royal College Perspective, Dr Sarah Thornton, Consultant Council Member, Royal College of Anaesthetists 

(09:40-09:45) The Australian Perspective, Dr Stuart Marshall, Melbourne, Australia 

(09:45-09:50) The HEE Perspective, Dr Namita Kumar, Newcastle

(9:50-10:30) Debate


Refreshment break, industry exhibition and ePosters


Stream A - Auditorium

Stream B - Hall D

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Stream C - King's Suite

Stream D - Studio One

T2a: Keynote, Annual Member's Meeting & Awards

T2b: Pre-operative
Chair: Dr Robert Self, Vice President, Association of Anaesthetists

T2c: Meeting regional anaesthesia competencies
Chair: Dr Rebecca Barker, Elected Member, Association of Anaesthetists

In-exhibition learning

(11:10-11:50) AMM & Presidential handover

(11:50-12:35) Keynote & Featherstone lecture - Tracheostomy: First class care for the second-class airway?

(11:50-12:20) Prof Brendan McGrath, Featherstone Professor, Consultant in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine, Manchester

(12:35-12:50) Awards

(11:50-12:20) Preparation and optimisation before surgery, Prof Mike Irwin, Hong Kong 

(12:20-12:35) Management of patients with an unhealthy alcohol intake before surgery, Dr Isra Hassan, London

(12:35-12:50) Pre-op management of obstructive sleep apnoea, Dr Alwyn Kotze, Leeds

(11:50-12:10) How to learn ultrasound? Dr Rosemary Hogg, Belfast

(12:10-12:30) How many blocks do I need to do? Prof Ed Mariano, Stanford

(12:30-12:50) Social media and videos, Dr Amit Pawa, London


Lunch, industry exhibition & ePosters, Studio One

Lunchtime symposium sponsored by Masimo, Learning Theatre, Studio One


Stream A - Auditorium

Stream B - Hall D

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Stream C - King's Suite

Stream D - Studio One

T3a: Calling out abusive behaviour in the NHS
Chair: Dr Seema Agarwal, Editor, Anaesthesia

T3b: Acute Pain
Chair: Dr Stuart Marshall, London

T3c: Original Research presentations
Chair: Dr Matt Wiles, Editor-in-Chief, Anaesthesia

In-exhibition learning

(14:05-14:25) Association for Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Dr Alison Evans, Mersey

(14:25-14:45) BMA reports on sexism and other behaviours, Dr Latifa Patel, Representative Body Chair and Equality Lead, British Medical Association and ST7 Paediatric Respiratory Trainee 

(14:45-15:05) Sexual assault in surgery - a painful truth, Miss Rebecca Fisher, General Surgery Trainee, Severn School of Surgery

(15:05-15:35) Discussion

(14:05-14:25) Acute trauma pain, Dr Harriet Kemp, London

(14:25-14:45) Peri-operative Pain Consensus statement, Dr Helen Laycock, London

(14:45-15:05) Use of opioids for chronic pain, Dr Cathy Stannard, Gloucestershire 

(15:05-15:35) Discussion

Oral presentations: Original research oral presentations


Workshops (pre-booked only) - Queen's Suite

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Refreshment break, industry exhibition & ePosters


Stream A - Auditorium

Stream B - Hall D

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Stream C - King's Suite

Stream D - Studio One 

T4a: Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality in regional anaesthesia
Chair: Dr Archana Depala, London

T4b: Paediatrics
Chair: Dr Maryann Turner, Melbourne

T4c: AI in healthcare - help or hindrance? 
Chair: Dr Ben Fox, Elected Member, Association of Anaesthetists

In-exhibition learning

(16:20-16:45) AI in ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia, Dr James Bowness, London

(16:45-17:05) Using technology to teach ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia: AI & augmented reality, Dr Jenny Ferry, Newport

(17:05-17:30) Demonstration: Live scanning & simulated needling, Dr Alasdair Taylor, Dundee & Dr James Bowness, London

(17:30-17:45) Q&A

(16:15-16:30) BAPO Guidelines for day case tonsillectomy, Dr Nirmala Soundararajan, Hull and Mrs Amy Pearson, Clinical Network Chair, Humber and North Yorkshire

(16:30-16:45) Videolaryngoscopy in paediatric practice, Dr Craig Lyons, Galway

(16:45-17:00) Confident and capable in paediatric anaesthesia, Dr Laurence Hulatt, Plymouth

(17:00-17:15) What's new in paediatric anaesthesia practice? Dr Maryann Turner, London

(17:15-17:45) Discussion

(16:15-16:35) Overview and definitions, Dr Mayur Murali, London

(16:35-16:55) The age of the algorithm? Dr Steve Harris, London

(16:55-17:15) AI in healthcare - are we going to be out of a job? Professor Anthony Gordon, London

(17:15-17:45) Discussion


Workshops (pre-booked only) - Queen's Suite

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Shortlisted posters, Studio One

Day 3 - Friday 27 September 2024


Registration, ground floor foyer (Entrance 1) and industry exhibition, Studio One, 1st floor


Stream A - Auditorium


Training - now and then
Prof Colin Melville, Director of Education and Standards, GMC


Stream A - Auditorium

Stream B - Hall D

Stream C - King's Suite

Stream D - Studio One

F1a: Journal session: the effect of patient demographics on outcome

Chair: TBC

F1b: Critical Care

Chair: Dr Victoria McCormack, Honorary Secretary, Association of Anaesthetists

F1c: Global (co-badged with the World Anaesthesia Society)


In-exhibition learning

(09:30-09:50) The effect of ethnicity on paediatric surgical outcomes, Dr Amaki Sogbodjor, London

(09:50-10:10) Socioeconomic status and outcomes after childbirth, Dr Lucy Halliday, Glasgow

(10:10-10:30) Building an academic unit from scratch, Dr Brendan Sloan, Wakefield

(10:30-11:00) Discussion

(09:30-09:50) Training intensivists to manage the airway, Dr Stuart Marshall, Melbourne, Australia

(09:50-10:10) Endocarditis, Dr Mike Charlesworth, Manchester

(10:10-10:30) Infection control and infection, Dr Ben Morton, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

(10:30-11:00) Discussion

(09:30-09:40) What is global surgery and WAS's place? Dr Sarah Davidson, Oxford and Dr Gabby Atkins

(09:40-09:55) What is anaesthesia overseas really like? Dr Ryan Ellis, London

(09:55-10:30) Ways to engage and the work of the IRC, Dr Jan Wong, Dr Tom Bashford, Cambridge, Dr Pei Jean Ong, Sheffield

(10:30-10:45) Conflict in overseas work, Dr Saleyha Ahsan, Cambridge

(10:45-11:00) Discussion

Learning theatre: 

Oral presentations - Case Reports


Refreshment break, industry exhibition and ePosters


Stream A - Auditorium

Stream B - Hall D

Stream C - King's Suite

Stream D - Studio One

F2a: Keynote & Awards

Chair: Dr Ravi Gill

F2b: SNAP-3: frailty, multimorbidity and delirium in older surgical patients

Chair: Dr Phillip Barclay, Elected Member, Association of Anaesthetists


In-exhibition learning

(11:40-12:10) Keynote: Challenges of the workforceSir Julian Hartley, Chief Executive, NHS Providers

20 minute Q&A

(12:30-12:40) Awards & prizes

(11:40-12:40) Prof Iain Moppett, Nottingham

(11:40-12:40) Frailty, multimorbidity and delirium in the older surgical patient - do they matter?, Dr Claire Swarbrick, Nottingham 


Lunch, industry exhibition & ePosters


Stream A - Auditorium

Stream B - Hall D

Stream C - King's Suite

Stream D - In-exhibition learning, Studio One

F3a: Prehabilitation: an update. Chair: Dr Iain Moppett, Editor, Anaesthesia, Nottingham

F3b: Obstetrics (co-badged with the Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association). Chair: Dr Krish Radhakrishna, Elected Member, Association of Anaesthetists, 

F3c: SAS session, organised by the SAS committee, all welcome. 

(13:55-14:10) Prehabilitation: The Journey so far: Evidence and pathway transformation, Prof Denny Levett, Consultant in Critical Care and Peri-operative Medicine, University of Southampton 

(14:10-14:25) Prehabilitation guidelines – The who and the how, Mrs June Davis, Lead Allied Health Professional and Nursing Advisor, Macmillan

(14:25-14:40) Surgery school: evidence, consensus guidance and implementation, Imogen Fecher Jones, Lead Nurse and Project Manager, Peri-operative Medicine Service and Pre-assessment, University of Southampton

(14:40-14:55) Implementing a multimodal prehabilitation service for cancer patients, Dr John Moore, Adult Critical Care Consultant, Manchester

(14:55-15:25) Discussion

(13:55-14:15) Critical care & early warning scores, Dr Debbie Horner, Bradford

(14:15-14:35) Anaesthetic lessons from the Maternity and Newborn Safety Investigations programme, Dr Kirsty Maclennan, Manchester

(14:35-14:55) OAA guidance on the management of intrathecal catheters, Dr Malcolm Broom, Glasgow

(14:55-15:25) Discussion

(13:55-14:15) Beyond the NHS, opportunities of a SAS career, Dr Andrew Clarey, Belfast

(14:15-14:35) Navigating Roadblocks: Developing a CESR Programme in a District General Hospital, Dr Shreela Ghosh, Bedford

(14:35-14:55) SAS six - what are they? How to approach achieving them, speakers to be announced

(14:55-15:25) Discussion


Stream A - Auditorium

F4a: The future of medical education - are apprenticeships the answer? 

Chaired by Dr Emma Wain

(15:35-15:45) Local hospital trust perspective, Dr Peter Bishop, Consultant Anaesthetist & Director of Medical Education, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

(15:45-15:55) The university view, Dr Sanjiv Ahluwalia, Head of School, Anglia Ruskin University

(15:55-16:05) The GMC view, Prof Colin Melville, Director of Education and Standards, General Medical Council

(16:05-16:35) Debate


Close of conference