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Anaesthesia Reports Editor

Anaesthesia Reports Editors

The Association of Anaesthetists is looking to appoint one new Editor for Anaesthesia Reports.

Anaesthesia Reports is the partner journal of Anaesthesia, the official journal of the Association of Anaesthetists. The journal has expanded its scope to include traditional case reports, clinical and educational articles, multimedia reports, quality improvement and research reports. Anaesthesia Reports was indexed in PubMed Central in February 2020.

The role of the Editor is mostly email and web-based and involves reviewing submitted manuscripts and editing them in preparation for publication (expected time dedicated to journal work is 2-4 hours per week). We will consider applicants who wish to undertake the role on a less than full time contract. Successful applicants should have a history of publication, be able to write coherent and elegant English, and have good time management skills. Previous editorial experience is not essential, but experience of acting as a reviewer for papers submitted to peer-review journals is desirable.

 The term of office is three years with up to two extensions by mutual agreement and after performance review. As well as the opportunity to work with an excellent and cohesive editorial team, Editors receive an honorarium and free registration at major Association of Anaesthetists’ meetings.


Applicants should submit a short essay of up to 500 words on ‘The value of quality Improvement articles in peer-review journals’  by email to the Editorial Co-ordinator, Erin Taylor ([email protected]) , together with a short curriculum vitae (no more than two A4 pages). Shortlisted candidates will be asked to perform a small number of editorial tasks as part of the selection process.


We would particularly welcome applications from consultants and SAS doctors who are within the first 10 years of their substantive appointments and looking to develop their reviewing and editing skills. Applicants with an interest in regional and neurosurgical anaesthesia and quality improvement methodology are encouraged to apply.


Applicants who wish to discuss this post are advised to contact the Executive Editor, Dr Yavor Metodiev ([email protected]).


The closing date for applications is 23 August 2024.

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