History of Portland Place | Association of Anaesthetists

History of Portland Place

History of Portland Place

Portland Place was created in 1773 as a speculation by two of the leading architects of the time, Robert and James Adam.

It was originally designed as a series of private palaces, though the speculators quickly acknowledged this was a little ambitious. The current terrace, of which number 21 is the centerpiece, began in approximately 1776 and was completed around 1778.

Today, 21 Portland Place is a Grade II* listed building, and contains some of the original features which are typical of the Adam style.

Front of 21 Portland Place

21 Portland Place has been the home of the Association of Anaesthetists since 2002. At the heart of London's West End, the building has been tastefully modernised to create a fully-functioning office and meeting venue. Inside visitors can view a wealth of attractive features, including ornate moldings and exquisitely painted ceilings.

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