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Update on educational activities

Update on educational activities, regarding COVID-19

Friday 24 April

Educational activities lie at the core of The Association of Anaesthetists' activities. COVID-19 has resulted in the cancellation or postponement of our scheduled educational events (seminars, webinars and core topics) as well as the July Trainee Conference in Newcastle and the September Annual Congress in Harrogate. 

Over the last six weeks we have run several free webinars to address the need for frontline clinicians to have up to date COVID-19  knowledge in a rapidly changing environment. The Education Committee is very grateful to our Events Team, our speakers and the delegates for making these a great success, all having been arranged at very short notice. There have been over 40,000 total viewings from over 80 countries. 

However, it is time for us to re-evaluate our educational offerings in the near future, as the COVID-19 landscape changes: some of us are still enduring intense clinical activity, whilst in other areas the situation is thankfully showing signs of easing. Over the next few months we plan to begin the transition back to conventional educational events. Whilst there is no date to resume face-to-face events, we plan to reintroduce alongside the occasional free COVID-19 webinar, a number of prior scheduled educational events, but these too will  also be in webinar form. We accept there is still a need for COVID-19 related material, but also to blend this with our regular educational programmes too. 

Prof William Fawcett 

Chair of the Education Committee

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