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WSM 2023 abstracts

Winter Scientific Meeting 2023 abstract submission

You are invited to submit an abstract for poster presentation at the WSM 2023. The deadline for submission is 23:59 on Wednesday 10 August 2022.

Submit an abstract (audit & QI, case report, original research, survey)

After the deadline, a preliminary review of the abstracts received will determine which ones are accepted for poster presentation at the meeting.

Submissions are invited in the following categories: 

  • Audit & quality improvement (QI) 
  • Case Reports 
  • Original Research 
  • Survey

NELA sponsored trainee poster prize


NELA are sponsoring a trainee poster prize at WSM 2023. This is for the best abstract and poster describing work undertaken in your hospital to improve care for patients having, or considered for, an emergency laparotomy. Your submission should show evidence of using your NELA data to bring about improvements in care, or another innovative approach to the care of this cohort of patients. The deadline for submission is 23:59 on Wednesday 10 August 2022.

The criteria for a successful abstract and poster will be judged on: 

  • Original approach 
  • Extent of multidisciplinary and/or multispecialty involvement 
  • The degree to which NELA data has been used 
  • Demonstration of an improvement in care, which could be improvements in processes or outcomes 
  • Extent to which public and patients are involved in design and delivery of improvements to care

Submit an abstract for the NELA sponsored trainee poster prize

All accepted abstracts in the above categories will be published in Anaesthesia in the form of a fully referenceable online supplement (NB Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to refuse publication, e.g. where there are major concerns over ethics and/or content).

For more information on submitting abstracts please refer to the abstract submission guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions.

Assessors of submitted abstracts are blinded to the authors and required to highlight any competing interests during assessment. Association Board/Education Committee members and Faculty are excluded from assessing/judging any abstracts, and from chairing/judging sessions that include any abstracts, of which they are a co-author.