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Event Details

To book, please accept terms and conditions in the Key Details section.

Key Details


Thursday 6 February 2025 10:00 - 16:00


The Association Of Anaesthetists
21 Portland Place London


Members - £220
ICS Members - £220 with discount code if not Association member
Non Members - £330


Terms and Conditions

To book, please accept terms and conditions in the Key Details section.

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Please note

In order to book the final exam day you need to have completed the rest of the Accreditation pathway as described below. When your booking is received we will confirm your eligibility with the ICS.
Please do not book travel for the day until it is confirmed that you have met the pre-assessment requirements, which will include a satisfactory examination of your logbook which you will have uploaded into the ICS portal.

Registration (and how to get a discounted rate)

All clinicians are able to register for the fTOE accreditation. Intensive Care Society and Association of Anaesthetists members will receive discounted rates (*please see note at bottom of page) on both the accreditation and practical assessment. For questions about the course or receiving discounted rates as an Association member, please email [email protected]
In collaboration with the Intensive Care Society we have developed a Focused transoesophageal echo (fTOE) accreditation for both ICU and anaesthesia. fTOE is valuable when unexplained life-threatening circulatory instability persists despite corrective therapy, and whenever a focused ultrasound scan (FUSIC) is unable or unlikely to answer the clinical question. You can improve your ability to perform focused transoesophageal echo by completing the fTOE accreditation.

Accreditation pathway
Registration via the Intensive Care Society's website
Finding a supervisor to oversee the accreditation
Completion of the e-learning modules on the ICS Learning platform
Completion of a face-to-face course (optional)
Supervised and unsupervised practice, documented in a logbook
Assessed by a supervisor to have the necessary competencies for fTOE
Final practical assessment booked via the Association. To note, fTOE accreditation must be completed within 24 months of beginning the logbook collection.

The Final Practical Assessment
You can book the final practical assessment if you have completed the rest of the Accreditation pathway.

The exam day will be divided into three parts:

Assessment of logbook - this will be done prior to the day via the ICS portal.  Please note you will have to submit your completed log book and competency sign off sheet into the portal before 20th June 2024.
MCQ assessment based on video cases
Hands on Simulator Assessment

The day will have two sessions. You will be allocated to one of these sessions, and will be informed in advance which it will be.

You will be emailed nearer the time with a procedure document which will detail what you need to bring and what to expect on the day.

*ICS members who are not members of the Association, please contact the ICS for the discount code prior to booking. Members of both organisations will pay the same fee, so if you are an Association member the discount is already applied, you are not entitled to use the discount code. In this case please ensure the price you pay is £200.  Please also note that no other discount codes should be used, and any such bookings will be cancelled.