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Curare: Arrow Poison to Anaesthesia
This talk is the second in a series commemorating the 75th year of Anaesthesia, the journal of the Association of Anaesthetists.

The greatest development in anaesthesia in the first decade of this publication was the introduction of curare. Join Ann Ferguson as she guides us through the history and use of curare in South America, and its subsequent introduction into medicine and later anaesthesia.

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About the speaker
Ann Ferguson is a retired consultant anaesthetist and Honorary Secretary of the History of Anaesthesia Society. Ann has a particular interest in curare and its history. She has travelled to the Amazon Basin twice, where she was able to learn from the locals about curare arrow poisons and their use. She spent a research year in Montreal studying reversal of these types of drugs. Ann also has a Diploma of the History of Medicine from the Society of Apothecaries, and gave the Osler Lecture on her research into the History of curare.