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To book, please accept terms and conditions in the Key Details section.

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About this webinar recording

This webinar was kindly funded by GE Healthcare. The agenda and speakers are organised and selected by the Association of Anaesthetists.

Ensuring safe patient journeys through anaesthesia and surgery is an essential element of hospital care. This involves a variety of specialists from pre-operative assessment to post operative care and discharge. The NHS faces unprecedented times with over 7 million patients on the waiting list, stretching the work load at a time of staff shortages and dwindling resources. The Association of Anaesthetists webinar, ‘Perioperative Care – ensuring safe patient journeys through surgery’ looks at ways we can ensure safe patient care during these difficult times.
We have three experts sharing their views on each of the three phases of patient journey namely, pre-operative optimisation, intra-operative care and postoperative care. The talks will be followed by a panel discussion giving delegates an opportunity to quiz the experts. Be ready with your questions that may be unique to your hospital or set up.
Organiser: Dr Krish Radhakrishna, Association Board lead for Webinars
Chair: Dr Krish Radhakrishna, Association Board lead for Webinars


1. The pre-operative period - Prof Ramani Moonesinghe 
2. The peri-operative period - Dr Andrew Kane 
3. The postoperative period – Dr Frederic Michard 
4. Summary - Dr Krish Radhakrishna
5. Discussion panel