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To book, please accept terms and conditions in the Key Details section.

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About this webinar

This webinar was sponsored by Masimo.
Monitoring is the cornerstone of safe anaesthesia and patient care. While anaesthesia evolved with the simple techniques of clinical observations and hand on the pulse, modern day anaesthesia demands greater precision and insight. While basic monitoring like ECG, pulse oximetry, EtCo2, BP and temperatures give useful vital data, there are newer modalities of monitoring available that add a new dimension of safety to patient care. These monitors use EEG waveforms and nociception to gauge depth of sleep,  and adequacy of patient comfort during anaesthesia. These can have far reaching consequences in providing adequate depth of sleep, pain relief while at the same time prevent excessive depths of anaesthesia that can have their own detrimental effects. New monitoring techniques would also assist in remote monitoring of patients who can then be cared for in virtual beds from the comfort of their homes, freeing up much needed hospital beds.
Masimo have pioneered these monitoring techniques and bring you an array of techniques that although may sound futuristic, are available for immediate deployment and are increasingly being used in hospital trusts in the UK. Our webinar is designed to bring you up to speed with the field of monitoring in Anaesthesia.

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Organisers: Dr Krish Radhakrishna, Webinar Lead, Association of Anaesthetists, and Dr Basil Matta, Cambridge
Chair: Dr Basil Matta, Cambridge
Pre-assessment tools to ensure patients are optimized and risk stratified prior to surgery - Prof Sandy Jack, Southampton
Intraoperative Care - Getting the perioperative course just right; balanced anesthesia, optimal oxygenation, fluid balance and pain relief - Pr. Dan Longrois - France
Post-operative care with continuous monitoring from recovery to the patient’s home. - Prof Iain Goodhart – Cambridge