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Social Prescribing: Cultural Entitlement to the Arts and its Healing Power

The Anaesthesia Museum’s 2021 exhibition explores the impact of anaesthesia and healthcare services on the environment, and improvements which can be made. One aspect of this is to reduce hospital visits through social prescribing. Social prescribing helps patients to improve their health, wellbeing and social welfare through non-clinical activities, provided, for example, by community groups and cultural venues. Link workers support patients with their wellbeing and as part of their role they connect patients to activities.

In this talk you will hear about the work of Link Workers from Kelly Rea and Danielle Giles who are Urgent Care Link Workers in Dudley. They will be followed by Susannah Hall, joint Head of GOSH Arts, who will discuss art and wellbeing in a hospital setting.

Kelly and Danielle work within Dudley’s High Intensity User social prescribing project, working with people who most frequently present at A&E and who call the ambulance service. The NHS England (West Midlands) social prescribing team commission the Dudley Council for Voluntary Service to deliver new and innovative activities for this client cohort, some of which are arts based. Kelly and Danielle will talk about the project and the impact on the patient's wellbeing.

Susannah’s talk will give an overview of GOSH Arts, the award-winning arts programme at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and discuss their commissioning and participatory work, commitment to access to the arts, and its power to improve wellbeing.

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Kelly Rea

Before taking on the role of Urgent Care Link Worker at Integrated Plus, Kelly worked as a substance misuse worker across the Sandwell Borough for 13 years where she developed a good understanding of the skills and attributes needed to work with some of the most vulnerable and complex members of the community. Within that role, she gained experience working across the criminal justice system, child protection, safeguarding adults and children, mental and physical health and domestic abuse. Prior to this, she worked in the community as a carer for the elderly with mental health needs.

Danielle Giles

Before taking on the role of Urgent Care Link Worker at Integrated Plus, Danielle came from a background in the NHS and private mental health services. For over 10 years Danielle worked in the occupational therapy department within the male and female psychiatric rehab units, working with patients with complex mental health needs, substance misuse, and learning disabilities. From this, Danielle went into hospital discharge learning the pathway patients go through when they are being discharged from hospital and following them through the process. She was then able to use these skills to work alongside GPs in the community co-ordinating patient care, ensuring their discharge from hospital had been completed correctly and they had returned home with all relevant services in place.

Susannah Hall

Susannah is joint Head of GOSH Arts, the award winning arts programme at Great Ormond Street Hospital. She has previously worked at the Barbican, English National Opera and London City Learning Centre, and undertaken freelance project management and consultancy for Southbank Centre, Arts Admin, Trinity College, British Film Institute and Look Ahead Housing and Care, amongst others. Her passion is cultural entitlement for children, young people and families.