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To book, please accept terms and conditions in the Key Details section.

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About this webinar recording

The Association of Anaesthetists Standards of Monitoring 2021 (6th edition) recommend quantitative neuromuscular blockade (NMB) monitoring, for all patients receiving NMB drugs, throughout all phases of anaesthesia. Expert speakers will present and discuss these standards for NMB monitoring, and the background and evidence behind them. The available technology and devices for quantitative NMB monitoring will be reviewed. Solutions to the common pitfalls and challenges with incorporating such monitoring into routine clinical practice will be explored. A suggested strategy for management of perioperative neuromuscular blockade will be presented, including case planning, monitoring and drug use.

Speakers include experts in this field from the USA, Europe and the UK, giving a truly global experience.

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Organisers: Dr Grant Rodney, Dundee,
: Dr Grant Rodney, Dundee

Background and evidence - Professor Heidrun Lewald, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Association of Anaesthetists Standards of (NMB) Monitoring - Dr Grant Rodney, Tayside
NMB monitoring devices: AMG, EMG, MMG - J. Ross Renew, Mayo Clinic, Florida
Practical tips and fail-safe monitoring - Prof Sorin Brull, Mayo Clinic, Florida
Strategy: planning, drugs, monitors - Dr Pavan Raju, Dundee

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