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About this series of recordings

These are the first four in a series of free, monthly, webinars presented by the medical education team at NHS Blood and Transplant in collaboration with the Association of Anaesthetists.

This series plans to provide attendees with a complete overview of organ donation practice in the UK, with talks on the new Deemed Consent legislation, safe diagnosis of death, a framework for the practical application of ethical principles within, and beyond donation practice, the role of the specialist nurse in organ donation and communication around end of life issues and organ donation,  along with practical guidance for the clinical management of organ donors in theatre and the ICU.

Recording one: Organ donation - where have we come from, where are we now and where are we going?

It begins with an overview of the UK situation with regards to donation from Nottingham ICU consultant and National Clinical Lead for Organ Donation, Dr Dale Gardiner.

Recording two: Organ donation – A brief history of death

Presented by Dr Ben Ivory, UK medical education lead with NHS Blood and Transplant, this session explores the history of the understanding of death, the UK law around safe diagnosis, how we can be sure that brainstem tests accurately diagnose death and a look at moves towards international consensus around consistent diagnosis of death.  Essential viewing for anyone involved in organ donation, but also those with an interest in how the current understating of death has evolved.

Recording three: Organ donation - Communication skills in end of life conversations – the Shakespearean Tragedy approach

End of life discussions in acute settings such as ED, the medical wards and the ICU often involve staff delivering devastating news to families and relatives that they have never met.  Our patients have often become critically ill suddenly and unexpectedly and these factors present unique challenges when communicating with relatives and patients.
This webinar introduces the ‘Shakespearean Tragedy’ approach to breaking bad news as a potential framework for clinicians to use when approaching such conversations. It also explores the role of the specialist nurse for organ donation and how, and when, the subject of organ donation should be broached.

Recording four: Organ donation - Practical ethical decision making - the MORAL BALANCE approach

This webinar will showcase a practical approach to ethical decision making for clinicians of all specialities.  Presented by Dr Ben Ivory (National Education Lead for Organ Donation) with a panel discussion including Dr Dale Gardiner (National Clinical Lead for Organ Donation) and Dr Dan Harvey (co-author of the UK consensus statement on the management of perceived devastating brain injury), the co-creators of the MORAL BALANCE tool.

Organiser - Dr Ben Ivory, National Education Lead for Organ Donation

Dr Ben Ivory, National Education Lead for Organ Donation.
Dr Dale Gardiner (National Clinical Lead for Organ Donation) and Dr Dan Harvey (co-author of the UK consensus statement on the management of perceived devastating brain injury).
Dr Dan Harvey, Consultant in Adult Intensive Care at Nottingham University Hospitals, and an Hon. Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham. He is a member of the ICS Legal & Ethical Advisory Group & Standards & Guidelines Committee and the FICM Professional Standards Committee
Jill Featherstone, National Professional Development Specialist –Medical Education Lead, Professional Development Team, Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation, NHS Blood and Transplant
Dr Alex Manara, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine at Southmead Hospital. Alex does research in Intensive Care Medicine, Organ Donation Anaesthetics, and Emergency Medical Care.