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Education Shots

Education Shots

The Association's ‘Education Shots’ are a series of short, bite-sized education videos. Think TED talks, about 10 minutes in length. Short, punchy and delivered by enthusiasts. An extra shot for your coffee break. The themes will be wide ranging and support a growing focus on exam related content, as well as day to day practice related talks, wellbeing, career development and much more.  

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‘TIVA error, and strategies to reduce it’ - an Education Shot by Dr Rob Fleming

Rob Fleming is an elected board member at the Association of Anaesthetists, and the SAS representative on the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group. In this video he talks about the more common errors encountered when using total intravenous anaesthesia, and ways to reduce the likelihood of making them.

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‘Anaesthetists and wellbeing 2021’ – an Education Shot by Dr Robert Self

In this video Dr Robert Self, Honorary Membership Secretary Elect of the Association, talks about wellbeing and what it means to anaesthetists in 2021. The hope is that you will come away from this talk with something new that will be helpful for your wellbeing and maybe the wellbeing of your department.

‘The Microcirculation’ – an Education Shot by Dr Ashley Miller

In this education shot Dr Ashley Miller talks about the microcirculation. This video is part of a series of talks centred around rational fluid prescribing. Scroll down to view his previous talk on macro-circulation physiology.

‘5 hacks from cardiothoracic anaesthesia’ – an Education Shot by Dr Mike Charlesworth

I this education shot Dr Mike Charlesworth talks through 5 hacks from cardiothoracic anaesthesia, covering Etomidate, peri-operative vasoplegia, surgical bleeding and DOACs, coronary stents and non-cardiac surgery and emergency lung isolation.

‘Fatigue and how we can manage it’ an Education Shot by Dr Emma Plunkett

Emma Plunkett is a Consultant Anaesthetist and co-chair of the joint Fatigue Group. In this video she talks about what fatigue is, what causes it, what its effects are and what we can do to manage it.

Fatigue is a subjective feeling of physical or mental tiredness which may be associated with impaired functioning.

‘Plan A blocks’ - an Education Shot by Dr Ben Fox

This video by Dr Ben Fox demonstrates the surface landmarks, probe position, anatomy, sonoanatomy, scanning technique and simulated injection for all of the Plan A nerve blocks: Interscalene brachial plexus, Axillary brachial plexus, Erector spinae plane (transverse), Erector spinae plane (parasagital), Rectus sheath, Femoral, Adductor canal/femoral triangle, Sciatic (popliteal).

‘Learning how to learn’ - an Education Shot by Dr Mark Stacey

In this video Dr Mark Stacey talks about strategies for learning new skills and taking them forward into your practice, based on what we know about the human mind and long term memory.

‘Microaggressions in medicine’ – an Education Shot by Dr Rosie Baruah

You may have been in situations in the workplace where something just didn’t feel right - a thing was said that made you or a colleague feel deeply uncomfortable, yet seemed too trivial in itself to justify ‘making a fuss’. This video by Dr Rosie Baruah defines these kinds of situations and gives a framework for dealing with them.

‘Macro-circulation physiology’, an Education Shot by Dr Ashley Miller

This video by Dr Ashley Miller covers rational use of fluid, vasopressors and inotropes. An introduction to the haemodynamics of the macro-circulation ( blood gets around the body).

‘Inotropes and vasopressors’ – an Education Shot by Dr Sally El-Ghazali

Inotropes and vasopressors are commonly used in both anaesthesia and intensive care so it is important to understand indications and how they work. This makes them fair game as an exam topic for the FRCA exam. This bitesize education video gives a brief overview and (hopefully) helps demystify those purple sticker drugs quicker than it takes to label the syringe.

'Gassing for Thyroids - All in it Together' - an Education Shot by Dr Bruce Powell

In this video, Dr Bruce Powell, a retired endocrine specialist anaesthetist from Western Australia, talks about anaesthesia and thyroid surgery.

'Maximise Your Day' - an Education Shot by Dr Mark Stacey

It’s been a tough year for everyone, and yet what we do on a daily basis can help us to get the most out of every day. This video contains a group of evidence-based practical suggestions that you can start today. So, how can you maximise your day? Well, listen in... 

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