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SAFE Course reports


SAFE Course reports

SAFE obstetrics and SAFE paediatrics courses have been delivered across the world, including in Uganda, Burundi, Madagascar, Ghana, Bangladesh, India, and the Republic of Congo. Find out more about delivering these courses with our SAFE Course reports.


A number of SAFE Obstetric and Paediatric Anaesthesia courses have taken place in Bangladesh including:



Read Dr Elizabeth H Shewry's report on the first SAFE Obstetric Anaesthesia Course to take place in Bujumbura, Burundi in 2017.


Both SAFE Obstetrics and SAFE Paediatric Anaesthesia courses have been run in Cotonou, Benin, including:


Read Dr Colm Lanigan's report on the SAFE Paediatric Anaesthesia Course in Yaound Cameroon in 2017.


Drs Elizabeth Hood, William Gauntlett and Kate Grady undertook an Obstetric Anaesthesia Course in Medellin, Colombia in 2014.


Read the report from the SAFE Obstetric Anaesthesia Course held in Hawassa, Ethiopia in 2014.


Dr Malvena Stuart Taylor writes about the delivery of the SAFE Obstetric Anaesthetic Course in Ghana in 2012.


An Obstetric Anaesthesia Course took place in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 2016. Report by Drs William Gauntlett and Rachel Smith.

Candidates at a breakout session on general anaesthesia in the obstetric patient, Honduras, 2016


The first SAFE Paediatric Anaesthesia Course to be run in India took place in Hyderabad in 2017.


Drs Lindsey Arrick, Kate Holmes and James Leedham report on the Obstetric Anaesthesia Course in Antananarivo, Madagascar, 2015.


Read the report on the SAFE Obstetric Anaesthesia Course held in Niger in 2017.

Papua New Guinea

Read about the first SAFE Paediatric Anaesthesia Course held in Papua New Guinea and in the Pacific in 2017.

Republic of Congo

In 2014 an Obstetric Anaesthesia Course took place in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo. Dr Savini Wijesingha and Dr James Leedham report.

Sierra Leone

Drs Tom Daubeny and Aoife Fitzgerald report on the SAFE Obstetric Course held in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in 2016.


Dr Emma Joynes reports from the SAFE Obstetrics course held in Moshi, Tanzania in 2017.


A number of SAFE courses have been held in Uganda over the years, including:


Read more on the Obstetric Anaesthesia Course that ran in Lusaka, Zambia in 2013.


Dr Lara Herbert reports on the SAFE Obstetrics Anaesthesia Course that was held in Zimbabwe in 2017.