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Virtual craft chocolate tasting

Wednesday 13 January 2021   

Start Time: 18:00

Finish (approx): 19:30

Fee: £35 (inc VAT)

Book your place here

Craft Chocolate tastes better, is better for you and the planet, and provides a unique way to “refine your palate”.  This will be demonstrated during a tutored virtual chocolate tasting of 8 to 10 different bars. The whole session lasts about 1.5 hours, and will be hosted by a Cocoa Runners chocolate expert.

The session will be held over Zoom, hosted by Cocoa Runners, and ahead of the session you’ll receive a unique code to order your Craft Chocolate Tasting Kit from the Cocoa Runners website. There is no gluten, nuts or alcohol within the selection however please be aware that two bars do contain milk.

Please be advised that unfortunately the chocolate tasting kits can only be delivered to UK addresses. 

As this virtual chocolate tasting is part of the Winter Scientific Meeting 2021, please ensure that you are registered to attend the meeting before booking this event.

5k Fun Run

Image result for 5k fun run stock

Location: Virtual

  • Run the 5K fun run virtually this year by uploading your run to Strava! Further details and a link to the Strava club will be confirmed shortly. 
  • There is a discretionary donation per runner which will go to the our SAFE Africa appeal.

Free online wellbeing activities

Join us at 08:00 each morning for a choice of wellbeing activity to start your day feeling relaxed and refreshed.  These 30 minute pre-recorded sessions will be run by Tara Lee, a fully trained and qualified instructor.  

On Wednesday morning there will be a choice of Beginners yoga or an Introduction to Meditation, and on Thursday morning you can choose from a Desk stretch session or Pilates.

Join in on the 'Watch Live' page on the WSM platform. 

For any queries related to these activities please email events@anaesthetists.org.

Free online workshop: Wellbeing bakers dozen-your prescription for 2021

Wednesday 13 January 2021   (16:45 - 17:45)

Limited places available on a first come, first served basis.  Zoom link to be made available on the WSM platform in advance of the workshop. 


"Medicine has become a battlefield”

Doctors are under increasing pressure to perform without making mistakes in an environment that expects perfection. There is increasing medicolegal pressure combined with complex medical problems and unrealistic public expectations. This is occurring on a background of increasing workload and decreasing resources. The last 12 months have exposed how vulnerable we all are.

Doctors have always been expected to be resilient or mentally tough without necessarily having the appropriate skill set. The consequences of performance failure for both patients and staff can be significant. Additionally the transition from medical student to doctor with increasing seniority and responsibility can be a very harrowing time for a variety of reasons.

Doctors have to learn to perform as well as they can in acute stressful scenarios, and also deal with the long-term consequences of chronic stress. Wellbeing skills, used appropriately, will enhance performance.


This will be an hour long interactive on line workshop that describes a baker's dozen suite of skills that can be easily learnt, implemented and taught to others. The workshop organiser is an experienced anaesthetist with expertise in practical management of the ‘difficult airway’, a clinical environment requiring optimal performance to minimise clinical harm, in an often adverse time pressured environment.

Introduction (5 minutes)- the rationale behind the importance of teaching and learning mental toughness skills.  List your top 3 stressors, and your one magic wand cure.   

Content (45 minutes)-we will explore solutions to real clinical scenarios. Together we will write a wellbeing prescription. Skills such as decision-making, human factors and performance, developing an optimistic outlook, active stress management and meditation will be demonstrated. Many of these skills have been field tested by elite sports persons and the armed services, both in the immediate and long term arenas of performance.

Summary and conclusions (10 minutes)-Those attending will commit to introducing three of the skills they have learnt over the next six months, to improve their clinical performance and those they support.

Additional materials will be available for individuals to use for reflection.

I will attend to my own healthwell-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard.”  Declaration of Geneva-modern Hippocratic oath.

Before attending please think about the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the 3 things that are stressing you most ? - be specific.
  • If you had a magic wand what one thing would you desire to mange those stressors?

We would also encourage you to print and fill in the prescription form here before the session.

Photo competition

Send us a photo that sums up your 2020 (maximum 5 photos per entry) to be in with a chance of winning a voucher worth £50!

Send your entries to fundraising@anaesthetists.org by 17:00 Monday 4 January