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Event Details

Key Details


Monday 24 June


Leeds Marriott Hotel
4 Trevelyan Square Leeds


£175 -  members
£110 - trainee members
£330 - non-members
£87.50 - retired members

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About this seminar

This one day seminar will cover core clinical emergencies practising anaesthetists are expected to deal with in a timely, competent and safe fashion, yet rarely encounter during their working life. The day covers the breadth of emergencies the on-call consultant in any district general hospital may face including paediatrics, obstetrics, airway and haemorrhage.

All speakers are clinicians with clinical experience of dealing with these rare emergencies, and talks will include knowledge of current practice and possible future developments. Delegates will leave with access to guideline updates, research developments and best practice. 

Learning objectives:
1. Knowledge of current best practice in dealing with the core clinical emergencies that may occur during anaesthesia.
2. Knowledge of national guidance on managing the clinical emergencies  that may occur during anaesthesia (where available).
3. Introduction to the innate psychological processes that can promote optimal outcome during a peri-operative emergency
4. Knowledge of the practical procedures that need to be taken in the aftermath of a peri-operative emergency.