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Wednesday 24 May 2023


The Association Of Anaesthetists
21 Portland Place London


£195 - Members
£120 - Trainee Members
£365 - Non-members
£97.50 - Retired Members
£80 - International Members
£10 - International Members - Low income countries


Terms and Conditions

To book, please accept terms and conditions

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What is a SAFE training the trainers course 

A one day course to prepare potential instructors for teaching overseas on the Association of Anaesthetists/WFSA SAFE courses. The Association of Anaesthetists and WFSA want to expand the SAFE initiative and to encourage more UK anaesthetists to volunteer as SAFE trainers and faculty members. This training of the trainers course is suitable for post FRCA (or equivalent) anaesthetists who wish to become SAFE trainers.

About this seminar

Topics include:
• SAFE Obstetric Anaesthesia: Course overview
• SAFE Paediatric Anaesthesia: Course overview
• SAFE Operating Room: Course overview
• Preparation of teaching
• Being a good instructor and safety

Intended audience

Anaesthetists interested in becoming new SAFE course trainers or current SAFE trainers who would like to update their knowledge of the newest practices.

International members have the opportunity to attend this course online. If you are an international member and wish to attend in person please email

All UK attendees will be expected to attend in person.

Learning objectives

Coming soon.

Sponsors and exhibitors



Organisers: Dr James Leedham, Worcester and Dr Jolene Moore, Aberdeen

Programme will be included in the 'key details' section shortly. Highlights of the programme coming soon.