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Thursday 16 February 2023


The Association Of Anaesthetists
21 Portland Place London


£245 - Members
£245 - Trainee Members
£405 - Non-members


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To book, please accept terms and conditions

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About this seminar

Our popular Management and leadership offers interactive experience with the aim to enhance your individual management and leadership skills. Ideal for new consultants and senior anaesthetic trainees, you will learn how to develop a greater awareness of your own strengths and development needs, focus on the soft skills to succeed in your career, have opportunity to develop essential management and leadership skills, benefit from the experience and advice of our experienced faculty, and take part in interactive small group work and reflective sessions.

Topics include:
• Management vs Leadership.
• Leading, motivating and teamwork.
• Quality improvement.
• Mindfulness and resilience.
• Giving and receiving feedback
• Myers Briggs - what does this mean for me? This will include a chance to complete a Myers Briggs test.

Who is the course for?

This gold standard event for senior anaesthetic trainees and new consultants provides a relevant and topical programme, mapped to the Royal College management curriculum and recent Academy of Medical Royal Colleges publications


Programme will be included in the 'key details' section shortly. Highlights of the programme are as follows:

Leading, motivating and teamwork
Dr Nancy Redfern, Newcastle

• To explore how to create an environment where others have the opportunity to contribute.
• To learn how to show leadership by managing people.
• To understand how to work within teams - followership.

Negotiating, influencing and conflict management
Dr Danny Bryden, Sheffield

• To explore how to build and maintain relationships: listening, supporting others, gaining trust and showing understanding.
• To learn the importance of developing networks: working in partnership with patients, carers and colleagues from different specialties to deliver and improve services.

Management vs Leadership
Dr Caroline Hibbert, Hull

• To understand the terms: management, leadership, and explain their differences and similarities.
• To discuss the importance of these concepts as an anaesthetic consultant.

Myers Briggs - what does this mean for me?

Dr Gordan French, Northampton
(There will be a chance to complete the Myers Briggs test before the course)

• To develop self awareness: being aware of their own values, principles and assumptions and by being able to learn from experiences.
• To learn to manage themselves: organising and managing themselves while taking account of the needs and priorities of others.

NHS finances
Mr Tim Kelland, Assistant director, The Welsh NHS Finance Delivery Unit, Cardiff

• To understand how money flows in the NHS and how service developments are funded.
• To understand business case development as a clinician.
• To discuss how to manage implementation of service improvement.