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Monday 17 October 2022


The Association Of Anaesthetists
21 Portland Place London


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About this seminar

Join us for this exciting seminar discussing monitoring of the anaesthesia components: hypnosis (depth of anaesthesia), paralysis (neuromuscular blockade) and analgesia (nociception).  The seminar offers a series of talks, interactive discussion, workshops with practical equipment demonstration, and case presentations. 

Use of evolving technology and equipment allows an eye opening experience, an insight to the wide patient variability in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic requirement and response to anaesthesia.  This supplements clinical patient monitoring.  Indeed in many situations, the inadequacy of clinical monitoring alone is unveiled, allowing for bespoke, targeted anaesthesia delivery to an ever increasingly complex cohort of our patients.

The Association of Anaesthetists Standards of Monitoring (2021) provides the backdrop to the seminar content.   Quantitative neuromuscular blockade (NMB) monitoring should be used for all patients being ‘paralysed’.  The evidence, the background, the types of quantitative modalities and the use of an NMB strategy will be presented.  pEEG monitoring should be used with TIVA and paralysis, but the value of much wider use is highlighted.  The practical aspects of a range of monitoring products will be described and demonstrated.  The novel concept of nociceptive monitoring will be presented.


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