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Wednesday 28 September 2022


The Association Of Anaesthetists
21 Portland Place London


£195 - Members
£120 - Trainee Members
£365 - Non-members
£97.50 - Retired Members


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To book, please accept terms and conditions

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About this seminar

While UK has over 17 physician anaesthesia providers per 100,000 population, most of the countries in the Global South have much less than the recommended minimum of 5/100 000. Five billion people lack access to save affordable surgery. 

How do we close that gap? How can policy makers and international community support anaesthesia in Low- and Middle Income Countries? What can you do to help?

The pandemic, conflicts, climate change and other current issues affect access to save anaesthesia worldwide. During this seminar you will hear from speakers from around the globe. They will share their wealth of knowledge as well as personal experiences. 

The seminar is for everyone interested in global anaesthesia and surgery, global partnerships and work in low-resource setting. We welcome participants at any stage of career, from all specialities and backgrounds. 


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