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Thursday 26 September 2019 6pm - 8:00 pm BST (Login available 5:45pm)


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About this webinar

This webinar is kindly funded by Masimo, and therefore we are able to offer it for free. The agenda and speakers organised and selected by the Association of Anaesthetists.

Please ignore questions about access and dietary requirements during the booking process.

Joining details will be sent automatically via email - please ensure the email we have for you is correct, and remember to check for updates in that email account in the week prior to the webinar.

Login will be available from 5:45pm (British Summer Time), but the broadcast will not start until 6:00 pm (British Summer Time). You can log in from the comfort of your own home, your office, or any where else that is convenient.  All you need is a decent internet connection and a quiet room.

If you are unable to attend live do not worry, you will be automatically sent the recording 24 hours after the webinar whether you attend or not.

Organiser Prof Andy Klein

Chair Prof Andy Klein

Pre-operative anaemia – Pillar one
Susan Goobie, Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology, Harvard Medical School

Peri-operative anaemia – monitoring and treatment - Pillar two
Professor Nathalie Nathan, Limoges, France

Postoperative anaemia – Pillar three
Professor Sigismond Lasocki, University of Angers, France

The three pillars of patient blood management – putting it all together
Professor Kai Zacharowski, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany
Vice-President European Society of Anaesthesiology

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