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Event Details

Key Details


Thursday 25 & Friday 26 July 2019


Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske)
Treliske Truro Cornwall


£350.00 - Member 
£175.00 - Retired Member
£220.00 - Trainee Member
£660.00 - Non member


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About this seminar

An Association of Anaesthetists course developed by specialist paediatric anaesthetists from the UK and the US designed to teach basic concepts in paediatric anaesthesia.

Target Audience
Particularly suitable for junior anaesthetic trainees (CT1-3) however, any anaesthetists needing refresher training in paediatric anaesthesia would be more than welcome. For example, anaesthetists returning to work after a period of absence or the occasional paediatric anaesthetist.

SAFE Paediatrics UK focuses on UK paediatric anaesthesia practice and common scenarios faced by anaesthetists in well-resourced environments. It covers preparation, conduct and postoperative care of children presenting for elective surgery, as well as management of the critically unwell child.

The course covers common scenarios that UK anaesthetists encounter, particularly in non-specialist centres. It is sufficiently flexible however, that areas of specialist care could also be addressed, such as the collapsed neonate or the child with cardiac disease presenting with a fracture.

Teaching modalities
There are a few lectures but the mainstay of teaching is focused on small group work in the form of discussions, skill stations and scenarios with low and possibly high fidelity simulation (facilities allowing).